Cost to elevate house foundation

How much does it cost to elevate your house?

The cost of elevating your house above the flood plain 4 feet or more can vary depending on certain circumstances. After 64 years of structure elevation, we can quickly and accurately estimate your cost with very little information. That information however is very important. The best way is to send us your address from so we can see the floor footage, type of home, and space between obstacles. If it is not listed there, sending images of front/side/corner views/back will also work. It does not matter how high the home is, only the ground square footage matters. We have heard some Meyerland home lifting companies are overcharging for this service, we encourage you to call us today! You can see Joe’s Questions and Form here.

Elevating Area Cost Calculation
Cost to raise a house foundationCost of elevating house

Cost of raising a house in Houston:

The average cost for elevating a house in Texas depends on only a few factors, and we offer fast & free estimates. A pier and beam or slab elevation only for an 1,100 square foot home will average between $14,000 to $24,000. The difference here is the type of house and ground footage, but not height. The cost for a 3 story or 1 story home with the same ground surface area is identical. Square footage is based on ground surface area, not height as it will be the same cost to lift. These are examples of pricing for only lifting and costs:

  • A typical wood frame, 3b/2b, 1,100sq ft is $12.80 /sq’, or cost approximately $14,800.
  • An 1,100 square foot slab foundation is about $20 to $22 per sq’, or $22,000 to $24,000 since it requires twice the amount of jacks and work.
  • EHM acquires all necessary permits.
  • An “Elevation Certificate” will tell you what the BFE is for your property.
  • Our turnkey cost to finish the same home would be around $68 per square foot, or $74,800.

Utilities, landscaping, permits, etc are not included as those prices can vary too much for a general quote here. Those factors depend on room to work and the specific property size and design. Other companies we have seen in the Meyerland area are charging $75 to $80/sq’, or around $88,000. Since we own our own equipment, and have extensive experience, we don’t need to inflate our pricing to compensate. As a result, this cuts the labor charges significantly and makes the process faster.

More information on the cost to lift a house here on Joe’s Q’s contact page. As you can see from other sources, this is far less than average pricing so call us today to get your free quote.

Survey and Inspection cost:

You can get a certificate from a survey company for about $350 to $500. This is a 2-step process; before and after inspections. You can usually get a better price by getting the survey and elevation inspections at the same time. In the Galveston and Houston, Texas areas you might call:

  • Galveston: High Tide Land Surveying -> (409) 740-1517
  • Houston and surrounding: Survey 1 -> (281) 393-1382

* We are not affiliated with these companies but have seen they are very fair with homeowners. If you are a survey company and would like to be considered, please contact us.